Kenneth Moskowitz

Senior Commercial Associate

Having lived and worked in Florida for over thirty years, I have seen many real estate cycles. The best time to maximize your position in real estate holdings is during an "uptick" cycle which we are experiencing now. My experience and knowledge of commercial real estate is accentuated by my team's combined experience of developing, marketing and sales of all forms of commercial properties: Hospitality, Self-Storage warehouses, shopping malls, strip retail centers, industrial warehousing, office buildings, gas stations, Multi-Family Residential and business entities with or without real property.  Allow me and my team the privilege of working hard for you and your company as our goals are aligned; success in real estate investment.



Self-Storage is a hot segment of a hybrid market. It is Retail-Industrial. This segment of the market has been shown to provide ample capitalization rates as compared to other segments of commercial real estate. Cap rates of 7%-13% are common. In addition, the capital entry into the market is relatively low in comparison to other commercial entities.  The excellent income rate per square foot and huge customer base (currently 9.5% of US households) makes it popular as an investment medium.  We have clients listing with us to sell and to buy from our client base. Please contact me if we may be of assistance.